Forward-Thinking 60-SomethingsAre ‘Right-Sizing’ To Luxury at Wadswick Green

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Forward-Thinking 60-Somethings Are ‘Right-Sizing’ To Luxury at Wadswick Green


Developer Rangeford Holdings is championing the idea of retirees ‘right-sizing’ rather than ‘down-sizing’ which is showcased in the aspirational homes at Wadswick Green;a new village for the 60+in Wiltshire. Many of the key design aspects of the new homes are in-line with The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2012 findings on ‘The Way We Live Now’, which highlights the need for more living space in new homes to accommodate much loved furniture and possessions.

In its Housing Futures report (Sep 2014),Strutt& Parker states the largest problem facing the housing industry in the UK is under occupancy and pinpoints ‘Tumbleweeders’ at the root of the problem. Across the UK, 47% of privately owned households are Tumbleweeders occupying houses that are too large for them. Therefore, the challenge is to build more homes that the older generations are prepared to downsize to.


Mr Peter Ford, Chairman at Rangeford Holdings and Developer of Wadswick Green says:

“The ‘baby-boomers’ generation is growing fast, with Euromonitor forecasting their spending power to reach $15 trillion by 2020. This group(currently aged between 50 and 68 years) is widely associated with privilege and were the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to that time. With a liking for increased consumerism, the majority are not willing to compromise and looking to improve their lifestyle to suit their life stage at 60+.We have anticipated this demand by providing modern luxuriously designed homes with elevated services at Wadswick Green for forward-thinking ’60-somethings’ looking to right-size.”

RIBA identifies some key consumer needs from 21st century housing that are found in homes at Wadswick Green including: large windows for natural light, private outdoor space, adaptable living space for socialising and layouts to take into account technology used within the home.


Daphne Johnston (65), a recent purchaser of a 2-bedroom Courtyard Apartment (£345,000) at Wadswick Green says:

“My husband, Leon (67 years) and Icurrently live in a modern open-plan bungalow and were delighted to view and choose an apartment with a light contemporary interior, overlooking beautiful countryside and with generous and well thought out spacing and avenues between the different apartments. We have chosen a first floor apartment to fully appreciate the mature trees that are preserved on the site and the woodlands and fields beyond, while maintaining our living accommodation on one floor.

“We are so impressed with the floor to ceiling windows at each end of our open-plan living area and theprivate outside balcony area. With up to date insulation and underfloor heating,we can be warm and cosy whilst enjoying the open vista throughout the seasons. We have always lived in rural areas and the tranquillity of the village setting, with no passing traffic noise, appeals to us.

“We look forward to walking to the restaurant/cafeand bar in the Pavilion and to maintaining our levels of fitness with a warm swimming pool and gym. The self-containment of the village, with so many facilities at hand, and its position close to many country walks and interesting places to visit offer us a freedom to choose our lifestyle, whatever the weather. Although we currently are in very good health, the on-site healthcare facilities are also a safety cushion should we ever require them.”

Wadswick Green will comprise of246, one, two or three bedroom apartments, set over 25 acres of woodland. The wealth of leisure amenities is a key benefit of owning a property at Wadswick Green and facilities will rival those of a five star hotel.A luxury concierge-style service isprovided and a discreet, personalised 24 hour care and support service will be available onsite by MHA, one of Britain’s largest and trusted charitable care providers. Conveniently, there will also be private consultation rooms for visiting GPs.

Prices: For Courtyard apartments, 1 bed £285,000; 2 bed £345,000; 3 bed £490,000 including parking. For Pavilion apartments 1 bed £205,000 and 2 bed £245,000. There is a mandatoryannual service charge depending on the size of the apartment.


*Sales and marketing expertise on Wadswick Green is supported by a new partnership with Saga.






Captions for photos (L-R): Village Pavilion: pool / Courtyard Apartment: open-plan living / Courtyard Apartment: double-aspect windows / Village Pavilion: central facilities


Rangeford Holdings (

Rangeford Holdings specialises in new villages and communities for people 60+. Their mission is to create beautiful, contemporary communities with excellent services and amenities that help people 60+ enjoy life to the full. Rangeford has substantial development funds to deploy via its partnership with Octopus Investments Limited; a UK fund with over £3bn under management. Octopus is keen to invest significant capital into the UK retirement and healthcare sector and has selected Rangeford as its platform funding partner.



MHA is an independent charity providing care, accommodation and support services for 16,000 older people throughout Britain. Over nearly 70 years MHA has built up a reputation for meeting the highest standards of care and facilities and is now one of Britain’s largest charitable care providers and among the highest rated in the country. The dedicated work of 7,000 members of staff is enhanced by the commitment of 4,000 volunteers. Together they fulfil the mission to improve the quality of life of older people.


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2015 – The year of the deal…..

2015 – The year of the deal…..

Property PR image Tim Swannie; W 1

Home Hunts is looking towards the year ahead with cautious optimism. 2014 was such a year of contrasting halves so we cannot predict a huge rise in property prices for 2015 BUT, we can confidently say the market should remain buoyant, particularly in the most sought after areas of France.

For Home Hunts, 2014 started so strongly; January was the busiest month we had seen for about 4 years with 16 sales agreed and lots of interest from international buyers. Bearing in mind that January is usually one of the quietest months of the year in terms of sales, we took this as a sign that things were set to explode! Unfortunately, the explosion didn’t really happen, we spent the next three months anticipating a big bang that just did not materialise, it was a bit like a lit firework that doesn’t go off!….

The market in France started to pick-up again with busy months in May and June and this momentum continued into the summer months and we received a lot of interest in July and August. The second half of the year really made the difference for Home Hunts;we got a lot of interest from the UK because of the strength of the pound vs the euro and this continues to be the case. We have had buyers from all over the world including China, the Middle East, America, South Africa, Brazil, Russia as well as all over Europe of course. We have also sold a huge range of properties such as apartments in Cannes and Paris, vineyards in Bordeaux, a chateau in Provence, waterfront villas on the Riviera and chalets in the French Alps.

There has been no real pattern in nationalities of buyers, areas or property styles that our clients have been looking for,but the common factor in all of the purchases has been that every single buyer has been looking for a “deal”.

All clients are taking advantage of this unique time in the French housing market to find their dream home, in their dream destination, at their dream price! We are perfectly placed to help them fulfil this dream; as a buyers’ agent, we are in touch with ALL selling agents and our team throughout France make it their mission to ensure they cover the entire market for our clients. The properties selling at the moment are those which have either been put on the market very recently and have been aggressively priced to sell, or those where the owner needs to sell and is willing to be flexible.If owners are not willing to take an offer then their property will sit on the market for a long time!

Home Hunts has been focussing on bringing our clients what they want this year; we have really been searching out the bargains and great opportunities which are too good to miss. A perfect example of this happened only a few weeks ago.

We found a stunning stone built property in Provence with owners that needed to sell-up for serious financial reasons. This beautiful home in the countryside has several hectares of land, swimming pool, tennis court and even a helipad. The asking price had been slashed by just over 20% to find a buyer quickly and the new price was very interesting indeed. We immediately mailed and called our client base to let them know about the deal and received over 60 enquiries within 24 hours. Just 24 hours after that, the house had been sold for the full asking price! The buyer had flown over by private jet the very same day and immediately agreed to buy the property.

For 2015, we expect confidence to slowly continue growing since many savvy buyers are seeing there has never been a better time to buy in France. As mentioned, the interest rates and the exchange rates are a big contributing factor but the flexibility of prices is really the main reason that we believe there hasn’t been a better time to buy here for many, many years. The French general elections are coming up in 2017 which is only two short years away and there is no doubt at all that there will be a change in government at that point.We are already being contacted from a wide range of developers, savvy investors and private clients, who are looking to take advantage of the favourable buying conditions and low prices now, in order to reap the rewards in a couple of years’ time.

So, cautiously optimistic is our phrase of the moment. Our focus at the moment is to continue hunting-out bargains for our clients and our French team has become very adept at finding these special gems. So we will continue to hone our skills and try to bring people what they really want! We want to ensure that 2015 is the year of the deal!

About Home Hunts:Home Hunts specialise in finding luxury homes and investment properties throughout France, Monaco, Geneva, London and New York. Home Hunts is a leading buyers’ agent, whose role is to find the hidden gems that the property market has to offer. The team collaborates with all of the best estate agents, notaires, developers and private sellers to provide the ultimate selection of properties in a desired area. Home Huntswork closely with their clients, offering unbiased advice and support throughout the entire buying process and beyond.


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