Competitions – Do they work?

Competitions – Do they work?

stylistWe don’t always see the value of competitions for clients, as you have to question whether the type of person that enters a competition is the type to book a luxury holiday/buy a property, but sometimes they can serve a purpose if done right.

Our client Veranda Resorts in Mauritius was delighted with a recent campaign we put together to drive followers of their fledgling Instagram account. Partnering with women’s lifestyle website and magazine Stylist, we created a photo competition to portray ’Beach Life’ with a stay in the hotel as the prize. Stylist’s one million readers really got behind the idea and they were inundated with thousands of great photos. The net result was a doubling of Instagram followers for our client, a net gain of 876 followers, which they were very happy with, especially as there was no cost to do the competition.

Another competition we arranged for our client The Dragon Trip, who organises escorted tours to China, proved to be very effective for data capture purposes and driving traffic to their website. We teamed up with the magazine and website Shortlist to offer a holiday prize to China. Over 2,200 people opted in to receive further details about holidays in China from the Dragon Trip, which will now be added to their database for future marketing.

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New Graphic Design Service

New Graphic Design Service

The team is expanding at P1 and we are delighted to now have talented graphic designer Kristin Bakke working with us.  Kristin’s expertise is in brand identity through strategic design and her international client experience ranges from luxury property developments, large financial institutions, charities, high-end fashion and restaurants.

One of Kristin’s latest projects was creating the name, brand identity and sales and marketing collaterals for Azuri Peninsula in EKO Atlantic, a major new coastal city in Lagos, Nigeria.

Azuri Peninsula BrochureAzuri 2Azuri 6


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Client News – Hello and farewell!

Client News – Hello and farewell!

P1 is delighted to be working with two new clients.







The regional French Tourism group – Tarn Tourisme has tasked P1 with putting the Tarn on the map and driving awareness of the beautiful department in south west France.

The Luxury Property Show has once again appointed P1 to carry out its marketing and PR campaign for its 10th anniversary show on October 14/15th. For the first time ever it will be held in Holborn, Central London and open on a Saturday. Last year saw an increase in exhibitor numbers and fantastic feedback from exhibitors, 30% of which have rebooked again this year. Any company introduced through us will receive a discount of 10% on exhibiting, so get in touch if you are interested.

And after five years of working with Royal Westmoreland in Barbados, we say goodbye on great terms as the resort is re- presented for sale.  We were delighted to receive this lovely testimony from John Morphet, Owner and CEO of Pure Leisure.

“I must admit I was pretty sceptical about PR companies and their worth until we took on P1 Communications. Over the last five years of promoting our flagship resort Royal Westmoreland in Barbados, their creativity and diligence on the account combined with their excellent media contacts, meant we have been continually featured across print, online and also broadcast media, including a number of popular TV shows. Over this period sales of our villas increased significantly, and the increased awareness and interest in the resort, generated by the PR campaign, was a key contributing factor.”

Press Trips – How to get a good return on investment

Press Trips – How to get a good return on investment


Press Trip

Hosting journalists on press trips is a tried and tested way to achieve media coverage and endorsement. However they can be expensive, especially when flying a press group long haul. So how do we ensure that a press trip gives a good return on investment and is effective in terms of messaging?

Firstly, we look at theming a press trip to fit in with the campaign objectives. Activities are then based around the theme, whether it be golf, spa, adventure etc.

We then target media that are appropriate to convey that message and pitch an interesting angle to them that suits each publication’s style. We like using freelancers, as they often write for several publications, as opposed to editors or staff writers that will just write for their own media.

Finally, we ensure we have in writing who they intend to write for, what the  coverage will be and when the feature will come out. We don’t work on promises. No commission, no trip!

We will then look at the equivalent advertising rate of the proposed coverage to get an idea of the value that media provides. Typically we look at a return on investment of at least 5x the equivalent advertising rate versus the cost of hosting but find that it often exceeds that. As an example a recent press trip we organised to Barbados cost the client about £3,000 to host, yet the equivalent advertising value of the articles generated amounted to £58,000! And some would argue that the value is actually higher, perhaps 3 times so, as the editorial is an independent endorsement, so more convincing than an advert.

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Social media: 5 hot tips to get it working for you

Social media: 5 hot tips to get it working for you

social-media-ballSocial media continues to play a big part in today’s marketing mix.  Here are our top 5 quick tips to help you to win more business through social media.

1.       Be Strategic

Don’t just dive in.  Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve, what would success look like?  Many brands make the mistake of trying to be active on many social channels; focus on one and become an expert at it.

2.       Pay to Play

Smart marketeers know that it’s important to assign budget towards paid-for social media posts. Not only is organic reach declining fast but Facebook in particular now offers hugely powerful targeting services through advertising.

3.       Create ‘Scroll-Stoppers’

75% of people now view Facebook on mobiles. With this in mind, it’s vital that your social media posts are eye-catching enough to stop people scrolling past.  Be brief, use stunning images or even better…video.

4.       Don’t sell.

No-one likes receiving cold calls or spam emails, so why do so many brands pump out so many offers on social media? Better to provide value to your audience, be useful, insightful & funny.

5.       Be Human

People LOVE personal replies and acknowledgment from brands, especially when it’s done in a friendly, approachable way.  Monitor people talking about your business and jump in; answer queries or thank them.

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