C’est Magnifique: Brits’ love affair with French property surmounts Brexit

To buy or not to buy? A question that has tormented British buyers, looking for a European abode, ever since Article 50 was triggered. The latest clarification in the Brexit negotiations has made the decision easier for some. P1 client, Tim Swannie of luxury buying agent Home Hunts says: “We saw a 100% increase in British enquiries at the end of 2017, many of whom are motivated to buy before March 2019. This has been driven by the Brexit ‘divorce’ announcement by the UK and EU negotiators in December, which stated that anyone living in the EU or owning property there will have their citizen rights guaranteed. Since this, there has been a flurry of enquiries from Brits looking to buy in France.”

To support the current demand from British buyers and steer consumer enquiries towards Home Hunts, P1’s property team has created a PR campaign that has, most recently, secured the following pieces of coverage:

Home Hunts coverage examples

Home Hunts confirmed:

  • 17 sales agreed between 1.5M and 5M in January
  • Nearly 50% of those sales are to British buyers – Also German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Russian and Belgian
  • Lots of enquiries at the moment for most areas, last year we had a very busy January but this year has broken all record for enquiries.
  • The new tax changes implemented in January have certainly helped to push the market, there is a real positivity at the moment