Competitions – Do they work?

stylistWe don’t always see the value of competitions for clients, as you have to question whether the type of person that enters a competition is the type to book a luxury holiday/buy a property, but sometimes they can serve a purpose if done right.

Our client Veranda Resorts in Mauritius was delighted with a recent campaign we put together to drive followers of their fledgling Instagram account. Partnering with women’s lifestyle website and magazine Stylist, we created a photo competition to portray ’Beach Life’ with a stay in the hotel as the prize. Stylist’s one million readers really got behind the idea and they were inundated with thousands of great photos. The net result was a doubling of Instagram followers for our client, a net gain of 876 followers, which they were very happy with, especially as there was no cost to do the competition.

Another competition we arranged for our client The Dragon Trip, who organises escorted tours to China, proved to be very effective for data capture purposes and driving traffic to their website. We teamed up with the magazine and website Shortlist to offer a holiday prize to China. Over 2,200 people opted in to receive further details about holidays in China from the Dragon Trip, which will now be added to their database for future marketing.

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