Light Healthy Homes by Environ For Spring 2014


With spring just around the corner, many will be looking forward to longer days, lighter evenings and burgeoning buds and foliage. The positive impact that sunshine, light and green spaces have on us mentally and physically is something that has shaped the design of the luxury new homes at Keepers Court, Kings  Hill in Kent by developers Environ Communities, which are due for completion in the spring of 2014.

Natural light stimulates the control of our internal clock, keeping the wake/sleep rhythms in synchronization with day and night. A lack of sunlight can increase the production of the hormone Melatonin, which interferes with sleep patterns and mood, and simultaneously depletes Serotonin – our happy hormone. This touch of the winter blues can, in severe cases, lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Exposure to natural light has been proven to be effective in reducing depression and stress, easing pain of patients in hospital and assisting with the absorption of vitamin D, which is necessary for normal growth and development of bones.

The four and five bedroom homes at Keepers Court are designed to be immensely light with significant expanses of glass used throughout. Homes have been developed with large picture windows by the upstairs landing, and with sky lights in the roof, allowing vast amounts of light to flood down on to the landing and stairs. Landings are double height and some master bedrooms have cathedral ceilings, to create a light and airy feel.

The four bedroom homes start from £562,500 and five bedroom homes start from £647,000.

Biophilic Design, which addresses our biological need to affiliate with nature by creating a visual and physical connection with a green space, is a concept that Environ has used for a number of years now. Exposure to a green space has tremendous health benefits and is good for mental well-being, lowering blood pressure, elevating mood and increasing learning rates. At Keepers Court there is a seamless continuation of the indoor space outdoors, achieved by floor to ceiling sliding doors off the living areas leading to the garden, with same level flooring inside as out.  The gardens are beautifully landscaped with specimen sized shrubs to help connect to nature on physical, mental and social levels.

Tony Dowse, Chairman of Environ, says : “We have had to previously counter balance the number and size of windows with the energy efficiency  of the home, but with innovations  in glass insulation we are now able to build in more glazing to our homes, giving owners bright and light rooms for maximum health benefits.”

A well-ventilated house is also important for keeping people active as a higher intake of oxygen is good for blood circulation and keeping one’s mind fresh and stimulated. Keepers Court homes have been developed with a heat recovery ventilation system, which provides a constant supply of fresh air warmed via the heat exchanger, whilst removing stale, humid and odorous air, making the homes exceptionally pleasant places in which to live. The use of triple glazing throughout the homes also ensures that heat is retained during winter months, keeping bills low.

Editors Notes

Environ Communities, headed up by Tony Dowse, has recently won an award for ‘Best Small Developer’ by What House? Magazine and was overall UK winner of the coveted Green Leaf Award, amongst others.  Environ create lifetime homes with a traditional and timeless beauty: from iconic, modern homes overlooking the Atlantic to spacious, unique family homes in Kentish hamlets and even cosy and peaceful retirement homes in quiet market towns. Attention to detail, landscaped gardens and sense of place and community run through everything they do.

Environ’s modern homes developments aim to achieve a true sense of that old fashioned notion of “community” and this is the reason they are called Environ Communities.