New Excursions at the Frederica Nature Reserve: Nature In Your Own Way

Heritage Resorts has recently introduced two new themed excursions to their popular, on-site nature reserve tours. These new experiences allow guests at the resort to experience the wild and natural beauty of the Frederica Nature Reserve:

Mauritian Wildlife Tour

Created in partnership with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, this trek allows nature lovers to get up close and personal with the wildlife on the Frederica Nature Reserve. It will give visitors an insight into the rich Mauritian flora and fauna. Trekkers will learn about the Mauritian ecosystem and the work that’s being done to protect it.

Trekkers have the chance to see and learn about endangered plants such as the Bois Chandelle and the Bois de Natte, along with a variety of wild orchids and ferns. They may also catch sight of a White-tailed Tropicbird, an Echo Parakeet or a Mauritius fruit bat, or ‘Roussette’, along with other endemic species.

Photo Safari

This tour allows gusts to trail some of Mauritius’ endangered and endemic species and practise their photography skills at the same time. Escorted by our professional photographer and guide, trekkers will venture off-the-beaten track to observe Mauritian wildlife and take some great pictures to take home as unique souvenirs. The Frederica Nature Reserve is one of the few places on the island to shelter three endangered bird species: the Mauritius Kestrel, the Echo Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon.

Quinzino, guide and photographer at Frederica Nature Reserve: “I have been a professional photographer for ten years and I particularly enjoy nature photo shooting. I like venturing into the reserve to capture rare birds and wild blooming flowers on my camera. My mission is to bring visitors to contemplate exceptional scenes of nature. Such an activity requires patience, observation and listening skills, but the outcome is worth it: the satisfaction for visitors and myself to leave with invaluable pictures of Mauritius’ beautiful wildlife.”

About the Frederica Nature Reserve: This beautifully preserved sanctuary which stretched over 1,300 hectares offers guests at Heritage Resorts a unique opportunity to spot monkeys, parakeets or deer in their natural habitat. Existing activities on the reserve include 4×4 trails, night safari and quad biking.  One of the objectives of the Frederica Nature Reserve is to preserve and promote Mauritius’ unique biodiversity. Together with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, the reserve’s team has spearheaded numerous conservation projects to protect its ecosystem.

About Heritage Resorts: Spread over 2,500 hectares, Heritage Resorts offers three luxury accommodation options; Heritage Le Telfair, Heritage Awali and Heritage The Villas. The resort features 12 restaurants, the C Beach Club, a kids’ club, a championship 18-hole golf course, a kitesurfing school, two spas, and the romantic Chateau de Bel Ombre, an 1800’s colonial French mansion. For more information please visit:

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