New Walking and Cycling routes to be launched in the Algarve this May

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Rota Vicentina, a network of walking trails currently totalling 450 km to walk and cycle along the most beautiful and best-preserved coastline of the Algarve, is set to launch new routes in May 2019. The new routes will bring Rota Vicentina’s pedestrian trails to 740km in total, including the Fisherman’s trail, the Historical Way, and 24 additional circular routes.

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As part of the expansion the new sections of the routes are currently being traced and fully marked in both directions. New updated maps, leaflets, itineraries and brochures on the new routes are also being prepared and will be ready to be handed over to visitors at launch.

The expansion to Rota Vicentina will introduce several changes to existing routes:

The Fisherman’s Trail

The Fisherman’s trail, a coastal hiking trail, will be extended from its current ending point at Cabo St Vicente to the town of Lagos. This will allow hikers to discover more of the southern coast of the Algarve and to explore additional towns such as Sagres and Luz on their way.

The path is only accessible to hikers due to its rugged terrain and runs on top of stunning rugged cliffs along the ancestral path’s locals took when going fishing. It is divided into several sections and complimentary circuits, allowing visitors to vary the length and difficulty of their journey as they wish.

The Historical Way

The Historical Way is a 230 km path fully accessible to both cyclists and hikers, which takes visitors through the main towns and villages of the Algarvian countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the coast. Its 12 sections offer a wide variety of landscapes, such as stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks.

Along the way visitors can explore towns such as Aljezur and Bordeira before ending their course in beautiful Cabo St Vicente, the southernmost point in Europe.

Circular Routes

Sixteen circular routes will also be added to Rota Vicentina, bringing their total number to 24. These routes are located in various part of the Algarve and are much shorter that the Fisherman’s Trail and Historical Way, making them ideal for visitors looking to complete them in less than a day.

These new routes include a path to explore the area around Vila do Bispo alongside existing routes such as Bordeira to the Sea, which takes visitors from the historical village of Bordeira to the coastline through the pine forest of Bordalete.

Trip Preparation

To help visitors plan their trip, the Algarve Tourism Bureau have introduced a dedicated website to walking and cycling in the Algarve. The website, provides details of the trails in the region, including the sights and landscapes which can be enjoyed along the way.

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The Algarve is the southernmost region in Portugal framed by a 200km coastline. Known for its promise of more than 300 days of sun per year, the region is home to award-winning beaches, authentic gastronomy and a range of outdoor activities from surfing to cycling, walking, and birdwatching that attracts thrill seekers, nature lovers alike.  The Algarve’s 16 municipalities offer traditional and distinct experiences that allow for visitors to discover its rich heritage as a region.

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