Press Trips – How to get a good return on investment


Press Trip

Hosting journalists on press trips is a tried and tested way to achieve media coverage and endorsement. However they can be expensive, especially when flying a press group long haul. So how do we ensure that a press trip gives a good return on investment and is effective in terms of messaging?

Firstly, we look at theming a press trip to fit in with the campaign objectives. Activities are then based around the theme, whether it be golf, spa, adventure etc.

We then target media that are appropriate to convey that message and pitch an interesting angle to them that suits each publication’s style. We like using freelancers, as they often write for several publications, as opposed to editors or staff writers that will just write for their own media.

Finally, we ensure we have in writing who they intend to write for, what the  coverage will be and when the feature will come out. We don’t work on promises. No commission, no trip!

We will then look at the equivalent advertising rate of the proposed coverage to get an idea of the value that media provides. Typically we look at a return on investment of at least 5x the equivalent advertising rate versus the cost of hosting but find that it often exceeds that. As an example a recent press trip we organised to Barbados cost the client about £3,000 to host, yet the equivalent advertising value of the articles generated amounted to £58,000! And some would argue that the value is actually higher, perhaps 3 times so, as the editorial is an independent endorsement, so more convincing than an advert.

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