Social media: 5 hot tips to get it working for you

social-media-ballSocial media continues to play a big part in today’s marketing mix.  Here are our top 5 quick tips to help you to win more business through social media.

1.       Be Strategic

Don’t just dive in.  Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve, what would success look like?  Many brands make the mistake of trying to be active on many social channels; focus on one and become an expert at it.

2.       Pay to Play

Smart marketeers know that it’s important to assign budget towards paid-for social media posts. Not only is organic reach declining fast but Facebook in particular now offers hugely powerful targeting services through advertising.

3.       Create ‘Scroll-Stoppers’

75% of people now view Facebook on mobiles. With this in mind, it’s vital that your social media posts are eye-catching enough to stop people scrolling past.  Be brief, use stunning images or even better…video.

4.       Don’t sell.

No-one likes receiving cold calls or spam emails, so why do so many brands pump out so many offers on social media? Better to provide value to your audience, be useful, insightful & funny.

5.       Be Human

People LOVE personal replies and acknowledgment from brands, especially when it’s done in a friendly, approachable way.  Monitor people talking about your business and jump in; answer queries or thank them.

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