António Soveral Padeira, UK & Ireland Director of Portugal Tourism

“The Portuguese Tourist Office has worked very recently with P1 Communications regarding Crisis Management and PR activities and we are very happy with our choice for doing so.

P1 team, lead by its Director Vicky Goodall,  is very professional, skilled, always accessible and helpful, and also very kind. Their support was very important for us to achieve some of our 2017 goals.

The knowledge P1 has about Portugal was also very important, making it easier to understand our needs and to propose all the activities we have run together.”

Carissa Crowley, Marketing Director of Soneva Resorts

Vicky and the team at P1 Communications came highly recommended as the best real estate PR firm in London, and they did not disappoint! Through their efforts, we have had our luxury private residences featured in all the top British property publications plus even some international ones in Europe and Asia. Vicky is very easy to work with; she’s proactive, flexible, straight to the point, and knows all the most influential writers on a personal level very well.


John Morphet, Owner and CEO of Pure Leisure Group

I must admit I was pretty sceptical about PR companies and their worth until we took on P1 Communications. Over the last five years of promoting our flagship resort Royal Westmoreland in Barbados, their creativity and diligence on the account combined with their excellent media contacts, meant we have been continually featured across print, online and also broadcast media, including a number of popular TV shows. Over this period sales of our villas increased significantly, and the increased awareness and interest in the resort, generated by the PR campaign, was a key contributing factor.

Tim Swannie, Director of Home Hunts

We have worked with P1 Communications for a number of years and are delighted with the results. The team are a pleasure to work with and constantly come up with new ideas and opportunities for us to promote ourselves in the UK and International press. We are in contact on a daily basis regarding new PR opportunities and the hard work and open communication really works as we are featured in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers on a weekly basis.

Kim Goddard, Director of Sales at Royal Westmoreland, Barbados

Resort PR Image

We have had a very profitable relationship with P1 Communications over the years.  The value received from the press achieved when compared with traditional marketing efforts make P1 one of the best values in our budget!

We find their ability to think “outside the box” to create interest from target media, their skill at channelling opportunities that meet our marketing goals, and their professionalism on managing press groups unmatched. 

Jon M Huntsman, Philanthropist & Developer of Huntsman Springs & Founder of the Huntsman Corporation

I thank you again for the outstanding job that Vicky and her team carried out during my visit in London.  I think we accomplished a great deal, and I certainly enjoyed the interviews with a variety of very interesting people.

Vicky is obviously a very successful and lovely professional in the public relations arena.  She did a terrific job of lining up many of the appropriate people.  My thanks to all of you who were involved.  Let’s hope that this is the beginning of a great relationship with many new customers from the UK and elsewhere.

Mac van der Merwe – CEO, Zorgvliet Portfolio, South Africa

P1 did more than was expected from them. Their insight and credibility ensured that various media representatives were interested in the content of the campaign. The most impressive outcome was their ability to target a wide range of media and focus on the needs of the different readers in all sectors. As a result of the ongoing project received exposure all over the globe. A great number of articles have been written and placed supporting our sales and marketing efforts.”

We would recommend P1 and especially Vicky as leader and an honest broker to anybody considering using their expertise.

Nicholas Barnes, Head of Research at Chestertons Estate Agency

“It was a real pleasure to work with P1 – the team were user-friendly, efficient and quick to respond to requests. Would be very happy to work with them again should the opportunity arise.”

Karl O’Hanlon, Director of Sales and Marketing at Garrigae Investissements

P1 has carried out a fantastic PR campaign for Les Jardins De Saint Benoît, far exceeding our expectations in developing and delivering a PR campaign which has achieved blanket national coverage from pretty much every one of our media targets.

The success of this campaign has been of immeasurable value to Garrigae. For the past 6 months ‘P1’ has been our voice to the media in both the UK and Ireland and we entirely trust Caroline and Vicky to communicate our vision, our project and our brand effectively.

Distinctively, P1 has gone beyond simply promoting ‘bricks and mortar’ and they have moved hearts and minds in order to sensitively communicate our underpinning philosophy of cultural integration and sustainability which sets Garrigae apart.